Smart Glass For Car

With the growing popularity of electronic window tint in architectural design, its use in the auto industry comes as an innovative progression of the diverse applications this technology has to offer. Smart glass for car can provide numerous functional benefits to your vehicle design as well as an aesthetic appeal that is sure to impress any car owner.

Glare Reduction

While it can be nice to have natural light inside a car, it can sometimes affect visibility when driving. The use of privacy glass, in a sunroof for example, can solve this problem with the touch of a button. In the opaque setting, smart glass can diffuse sun light when needed. This will reduce glare on windows and mirrors, improving visibility and safety while driving.

Protection from UV Rays

Privacy glass can dramatically decrease the amount of harmful UV rays that enter a vehicle on and off the road. Sun light can be damaging to a car’s interior, causing cracking or fading of the upholstery. Over-exposure to UV rays can also be harmful to the skin of the car’s occupants or to personal items inside a vehicle such as electronic devises. The application of privacy glass in automotive design protects drivers and their possessions from potential damage caused by the sun.

Temperature Control

Improved temperature control is another benefit electronic window tint can provide to a vehicles design. When transparent, smart glass allows natural light to enter increasing the temperature inside the car or truck on a cool day. With the flip of a switch it can also block out the sun’s heat. This allows you to take advantage of natural energy to help heat any car or dramatically reduce the interior temperature of a vehicle in hot weather.

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