Intelligent Glass

In light of the numerous and diverse applications that electric privacy glass has to offer in the healthcare sector, many facilities have begun to make the switch. Here are some of the ways your facility could benefit from its installation.

Increased Cleanliness

Maintaining a clean and safe environment is a top priority in any healthcare facility. Electric privacy glass is the perfect solution to keeping your hospital or clinic sterilized and preventing germs from spreading. Glass surfaces can be cleaned much easier and more quickly than the standard curtain dividers or cloth partitions found in many hospitals. Cloth is absorbent and has a tendency to hold onto germs and allow for growth of bacteria. Electric glass will provide the privacy that is needed in a healthcare environment while keeping the patients and staff safer from contagious illnesses.

Quality Patient Care

Most people are not visiting the hospital on their best day and it can sometimes be an invasive experience. The use of Electric privacy glass can help your healthcare facility provide higher quality care to your patients since it provides both the comfort and benefits of a private room for procedures, while at the same time allowing the option of necessary observation by doctors and nurses.

Staff Privacy

Running a top notch healthcare facility begins with the staff who work there. It is important to keep your employees happy and productive while on the job. Areas such as break rooms, nurse’s stations and offices are a necessary escape from the chaos of a busy hospital or clinic. Electric privacy glass is a great option to keep these locations separated from high traffic areas while being easily accessible and close to patients.

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