New Advanced Vision is leading the way in providing and installation of the switchable privacy glass in Saudi Arabia. Our smart glass is a high tech invention that works seamlessly to switch between opaque glass to transparent glass with a flick of a switch.

This smart glass is now a must have installation in all modern industries. Our technology is designed to enhance the atmospere of any room or office.


Our product has the ability to lower energy bills by letting light while keeping out the heat.lt also combines style with functionality by turning any window from transparent to private according to your desires and needs.


The potential applications for this technology are unlimited with the only limitation being your imagination. We offer a wide range between small to large panels that can be installed anywhere throughout saudi Arabia using state-of-the-art lamination line in accordance with the highest standards and complying with all regulations.


We cover the five major regions across the Kingdom (Central Region, Western Region, Eastern Region, Southern Region and Northern Region) through dedicated sales representatives, experienced project managers and engineers.